Nicky Epstein’s Knitted Embellishments by Nicky Epstein
ISBN 1-883010-39-X, Softbound, $47.95 , 272 pgs, full color, Interweave Press, 201 East Fourth Street, Loveland, CO 80537

Nicky provides you with 350 appliqués, borders, cords and more using knitting skills. If nothing else has gotten you to pick up the needle craze, this book will. Maybe you do not have time to make sweaters and other larger items, but here are all kinds of embellishments you can add to clothing or other wearables you already own. My knitting needles have been patiently waiting for me to brush up. Looking through all Nicky’s creative goodies has me reeling! Hearts, flowers, stars, leaves, trees and fruit are just some of the subject matter. Each subject is worked in various designs from borders, to appliqués to three dimensional pieces. You will see several variations in design and style of each item.

Want fringes, tassels, pom-poms and ties? You got it, with and without beads! There are ideas for trimming sweaters and pillows with cable fringe. Several different types of fringes are listed with complete instructions to repeat the stitch. Not only are there hundreds of knitting goodies, but embellishment with easy embroidery stitches; instructions and illustrations are included to add to your knitting. French knots, fern stitch, cross-stitch and many others are there to add to knitted pieces. Basic knitting stitches are at the back of the book with illustrations. Crochet chain stitches are included as well as frogs and closures, how to knit and shape them.

Starting on page 243 are pages of completed items for inspiration that use many of the techniques and projects in this book. Celtic knots that start with knitting and finish with shaping are exciting as well as the motifs such as a snake with beady eyes.

Even if you never knit, you can crochet many of the designs in this book by just looking at the finished pieces. If you know how to convert knitting to crochet stitches, you are really in business. I find both knitted and crochet stitches appealing and a textural pleasure when combined together, especially when beads are added, I bead jest you not. The tassel sections has some sweet designs with and without beads. Pages 227 through 232 are all beaded tassels with single beads and bead loops. These tassels demonstrate how bead knitting has just touched the surface, there is much more that can be done just as there is with bead crochet.

This is a reference book to keep close to your needles and yarn basket. Wouldn’t’ it be fun to get together with a few friends, all knit a few embellishments and then challenge each other to create new art with them? You need only open the book and peruse through it to get the old light bulb going and make your creations more exciting. This is a great book for knitters, for those who love crossover of techniques and for inspiration and embellishment ideas. Knitted Embellishments is the perfect book to keep at your fingertips for quick additions to your work.