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Welcome to  Beadwrangler's Crochet Page, a feast of free workshops, links, book and magazine reviews, special features, gallery, organizational lists, an events page and more.
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Lydia F Borin
The Beadwrangler

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What's New!
May 21, 2001
The New Beadwrangler Beading Kit   I am packing up for Bead Expo 2001 in Miami.  I just finished the last changes to my new kit based on feedback from my testers.  Whew!!!  After lots of changes and improvements to text, graphics, photos and layout, the 32 page booklet for Floral Treasures is ready just in time to introduce the kit at Bead Expo.  If you are in the Miami area, stop by my booth and see all the great stuff you can make with this kit - flowers, vines, leaves, fringes, stems, vases, trees, petals and"Sprig" - the leaf creature.  Bead Expo is at the Hyatt Regency at the Miami Convention Center.  The Bazaar is open Friday, May 25th from noon 'till 8PM and on Saturday and Sunday from 10AM to 5PM.  I will have lots of examples and be demonstrating beading and bead crochet techniques.  My new Floral Treasures Beading Kit will be available at 7 Echoes a few weeks after I get back home.

January 3, 2001
New Beadwork Sampler
The Sampler in the current issue of Beadwork Magazine is Right Angle Weave.  And the supplement here at Beadwrangler's is now posted.  You will find expanded instructions, more illustrations, a little history and an Applications Page showing right angle weave examples from Japan and The Philippines.  Visit the Beadwrangler Beadwork Samplers.

January 1, 2001
Happy New Year!

New Book Reviews!
Peyote, polymer clay, Russian Beading, restoring purses, crochet, knitted bags and two new books from the Beadgang.  Visit the Beadwrangler Book Review section.

New stuff at 7 Echoes

  • Two new Beadwrangler bead mixes
  • new Romancing the Bag kits
  • new Taco Chip Surprise kit in Moonstone
  • 10 new Shiloh Rope kit color combinations
  • a great looking new bead spinner
  • a new Referral Program where you earn $25.00 Certificates
  • and lots more!

November 18, 2000
Lots of new stuff!
New Workshops

New Magazine Reviews
New Book Reviews
A new Beadwrangler Story : The Brown Bear

New Features

Inside Reports

And there's more.....

At beadcrochet dot com you'll find a new Crochet Rope Primer, new Show & Tell, new Inside Crochet and lots more.  Check out Beadcrochet dot com Update News for links to everything that's new.

At 7 Echoes you find new beads, new beading tools and all my latest kits.

7 Echoes is also a great place to find gifts.  And don't forget the Beadwrangler Book Center where you'll find lots of book reviews and direct links to for great discounts on new books.

Enjoy all the new stuff and have a great Thanksgiving!

October 17, 2000Sedona Lariat
New Events Page and new Tampa Bay Events Page

The latest kit in the Sedona Collection, The Sedona Lariat, is now available.  Visit the Sedona Lariat webpage for photos and complete description.

The November/December issue of BeadWork Magazine is out and includes my latest beadwork sampler - Bead Netting.   Check the Samplers Section here at Beadwrangler's for expanded information.

September 14, 2000
I'm back in my studio and I've got lots of new things for you - new kits, new free workshops, new bead crochet lessons at beadcrochet dot com and lots more.  Stop by every few weeks.

April 5, 2000
As you know, I love bead crochet.   Over the last several months I have designed a series of bead crochet ropes that I call The Sedona Collection.  All the prototypes are finished and all of my testers have returned their projects and their comments.  Now I am developing Instruction Booklets, illustrations and color combinations for each design.  I am also working with several glass bead artists that are designing beads especially for The Sedona Collection.  Kits will be available here in the Kits Section in the next few weeks.   Meanwhile, take a sneak peek at The Sedona Collection in the Gallery Section.  My goal was to create a versatile, appealing set of crochet ropes in several styles that are quick, easy and enjoyable to make.  I also wanted to get the bead makers involved in the new crochet revolution.  I have several glass makers working with me.  I hope to add bead makers that work with wood, metal, gemstones, ceramics and polymer clay whose beautiful handmade beads can become the centerpiece of your Sedona bead crochet rope.   Take a look and let me know what you think.  (Update from Lydia - October 17, 2000.  Three of the kits in the Sedona Collection are now available; the Sedona Lace will be available this coming Spring.  See the kits at )

If Crochet is your favorite subject, make it your homepage to Beadwrangler's.

Hope you enjoy all of my latest additions,

Lydia F Borin
The Beadwrangler

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