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If you want to make a real delicate and dynamic beaded and sequined bracelet, you will find yards of fancy French trims that are exquisite in bridal /trim stores or couture fabric shops.  Call your local bridal shops and ask about this type trim.  Many of these type shops sell this trim by the inch, so you can purchase enough for a broach or a bracelet.  The store person cuts the piece of so the whole motif is in tact and will not affect the next motif section.  Sometimes you will find a 7” or 8” piece for $6 to $8 and smaller motifs for less.

So what do you do once you have the motif?  If it is long enough for one end to work over the other end, stitch a small snap or use a small safety pin as a temporary closure and chazaam!  Your bracelet is ready to do.  This is the 5 minute bracelet.

Bracelets with A Backing
If you want a stronger bracelet or the piece is not long enough, cut a piece of ultrasuede so it matches the shape of the motif and extends around your wrist.  You can stitch the motif to ultrasuede with a whip stitch as long as the thread matches the fibers in the motif.  You can make an edge stitch with beads onto the ultrasuede or use any other type stitch that joins the ultrasuede to the motif.  Then add a snap or button and loop closure.  You can make the loop closure portion with Rainbow Elastic thread in a color that goes with the motif.  If the elastic is a little loose, just wrap it around the button twice.  Make sure when attaching the button and loop closure that you stitch through the ultrasuede and not just the motif as the delicate motif will not hold the closure.  Be sure and read the information for the broach if you have a motif with an open netted area.

Broaches and Bracelets with a BackingApplique-bugle
For a broach, cut two pieces of ultrasuede to the shape of the motif.  Put one piece on the opposite side of the motif, as most have cut out spaces or netting and you will see through the backing.  Then put the second piece of ultrasuede on the other side of the first ultrasuede piece and stitch them all together.  The two pieces of ultrasuede would have the wrong sides facing each other.  If you feel the piece is too flimsy, you can put a piece of soft buckram in between the two pieces of ultrasuede.  It will make the piece a little stiffer.  For the broach, stitch a pin back finding to the back of the ultrasuede or stitch to wearable.

I found two pieces I really liked.. The smaller motif is in brown, beige, gold and bronze and is 2 ╝” at the widest section.  There are cut beads, sequins and a piece of soft netted fabric in the middle of the flower.  I have not decided whether I want to make this a broach or stitch it down to a headband or other wearable.  If I put it on a wearable, I will hand wash the whole piece as the motif is very delicate.  The second piece wraps all the way around my wrist like a bracelet and has a purple and black flower and green leaves on black backing.  This piece is 3” at the widest section.  This piece is also made of sequins, cut beads and has couched black cord worked around the piece in the passamentarie tradition.  All the beads and sequins on both these pieces are permanent, not coated.  I have temporarily made a bracelet of this piece with just a small safety pin holding it, however, I plan to back it with ultrasuede in order for the piece to last.   I will probably add a button and loop closure.

If you do not have a local store that carries this type trim, check the fiber store links at beadwrangler.com, do a search for trims on the internet or call my local trim shop, Wolfson’s Trimming Store at 813-875-0896.  They have a big variety of trims to choose from.  The price per inch depends on how fancy the trip is.  Most these trims are worked with vintage beads and sequins, so you really have an heirloom whether you made it or not.  Enjoy

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